RECRUITMENT STATUS: OPEN. Yes, the Dominion is recruiting! 

We ARE recruiting:

– Acolytes
– Intel agents
– Military
– Other non force using people who might have something to offer.

We are NOT recruiting:

– Sith (No lords or Darths, no apprentice levels who have already taken Sith trials.)
– Independent mercenaries (this includes Mandalorians)

What we look for:

– Longevity: we are seeking RPers who are with us for the long haul. Real life always comes first, so daily activity is not expected but we do want people who are active and enthused about participating in our RP as often as possible.

– A willingness to grow in the guild and contribute. We invest in those who invest in us!

What we offer:

– Bold, engaging storylines that leave plenty of room for growth and advancement. We don’t just pay lip service to this idea of advancement: your character has an entire system to explore and interact with.

– A knowledgeable and friendly (but somewhat crazy!) player base that is willing to help when needed.


  • We do not admit those under the age of 18 to this guild. No exceptions.
  • As this is an English speaking guild, potential applicants must be able to effectively communicate in English. This is non negotiable.
  • We mainly do Discord RP. Due to the intricate and involved nature of our storylines, Discord RP gives us the freedom that in game RP does not allow. If this is an issue for you, please inquire somewhere else.
  • By joining, you understand that participating in RP is our primary activity and that you in turn will be expected to participate as regularly as your schedule allows. We don’t ask for a huge commitment, but we do want those who join to be active. When you get to the form, please put “shoelace” in the secret word slot. This is an attention check to make sure you’re actually reading all this, and if the word is not there we will ask you to re-submit.
  • Please be advised that this guild is Sith led, and that Sith are not the good guys here. You will more than likely be dealing with dark themes and morally bankrupt characters. Additionally, “morally conflicted” Sith do not tend to do well here, as we do not believe that sort of character is consistent with what we know about the Sith religion. If this is unacceptable to you, we’d rather you look somewhere else.

If these are acceptable, please go ahead and fill out our application. Also… did you pick up our secret word? If not, go back over our terms of service and look for it again – if you don’t have it, you will be asked to resubmit.