Current Arc

“The Emperor’s Mercy” Story Summary

  • Darth Venor has met with Darth Judicael, the arachnean leader of the Imperial Reckoning Expedition (IRE). After a tense public confrontation, the king has consented to helping Judicael’s expedition, but insisted on retaining ultimate control of his own troops.
  • Foreign dignitaries accompanying Judicael’s grand tour of the Outer Rim have begun to scatter, with some – including a tall Zeltron called Valorian Vell – headed to Anath to represent their respective governments.
  • Imperial forces have begun to move en masse towards Manda, a Republic stronghold, in the hopes of laying siege to the four-billion-souls planet. Armies and fleets far outstripping the Dominion’s own now crowd the void, setting alarm bells through Naval Intelligence’s projections.
  • Lords Danis, Adrogatio and Firith have returned to head distinct warfronts, with substantial legions putting boots on the ground in every surrounding sector.